Asphalt 7: Heat – high speed car racing game for Android

If you are a game enthusiasts I’m sure you like car racing games. Car racing games don’t require you to press the button so quickly to shoot enemies, you just need to save the car from accidents and reach the destination.

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Asphalt 7: Heat is a thrilling car racing game with car models from over 60 manufacturers of the world, to name a few Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. Drive high speed car over the roads of different cities like Hawaii, Paris, London etc.

This android game app is very interesting where you have to drive high speed car and reach the destination. When you drive through the roads, you have to face lots of difficulties and challenges. Its a fun and really a good entertainer when you have some free time to kill.

This game is available to download at Google play for just $0.99 which is not a huge amount for such a great entertainment. The hardware requirement to run this game app on your smartphone is 512 MB RAM, 1Ghz CPU and 1.5 GB space. The best part of Asphalt 7 game app is the graphics. Car and other object’s pixels are quite sharp to double your interest.

Get Asphalt 7: Heat from  Google Play 

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