Download Samsung Galaxy S4 manual

No doubt that Samsung is leading the Android smartphone market by launching great smartphones with excitingly new features that people like a lot. After the great success of Galaxy S3, Samsung launches its next iteration Galaxy S4 in March 2013 with lots of beautiful features and amazingly robust hardware system.

Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with big 5 inches touchscreen with great pixel resolution, 13 MP camera and 2.0 MP front facing camera. Apart from it, it comes with 1.6 GHz octo-core Exynos 5 processor and together with 2 GB RAM, Samsung Galaxy S4 works quite faster than any other smartphones. It runs latest version of Android OS (4.2.2). You may check out full specification of this stunning smartphone here

When your purchase this smartphone, it comes with user manual which explains each part and its functions in a friendly way with the help of graphics and proper naming. The manual is more than 100 pages document and can be downloaded from below link in case you lost the copy of manual which came with the device.

Download Manual
Another link at phone gain

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