Escape challenges – Room escaping game for android devices

Escape Challenges – When I’m bored or go for a long distance journey, I first make sure my smartphone is fully charged and I’m carrying charger to charge my smartphone when it runs out of the battery. When I have more than 10 hours of journey, my best companion are games on my smartphone.
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Android is a very big market and there is almost every kind of great apps and games are available for free.  Escape Challenges is one of the best game which makes your mind sharper by letting you think how can you escape the rooms. Puzzle games are good for the mind and its kind of fun as well.

Download this great game on your android smartphone free of cost from Google play and get ready to give stress to your mind. There are plenty of stages which you need to clear and each stage become harder and harder as you progress.

This great game app is really appreciated by people with lots of downloads each week at Google Play. Escape Challenges is free to download.

Get the great app from Google Play

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