Samsung Galaxy S4 specs – 13.0 MP camera, 5″ screen, Smart Scroll, Smart Pause

Samsung unveils its flagship smartphone on 14th March in a fully packed radio city hall in new york city. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with lots of new features that no other smartphone features till now. It runs latest version of Android OS, i.e. Jellybean and on top of that Samsung made it more desirable with other new features like Smart Pause, Smart Pause, Air Gesture, Air, Group Play, Drama Shot, Dual Camera feature, Story Album, S translator, ChatOn and feature that cares for health like S health.

With all such unique features and super fast hardware system, Samsung Galaxy S4 soon going to rule the smartphone market. The most anticipated device have big 5 inches touch screen with 440 ppi pixel density and screen resolution of 1080 x 1920.

Samsung Galaxy S4 having 13.0 megapixels main camera that shoot super HD 1080p videos @60 fps, 30fps and secondary camera that also records full HD video and allows video chat with amazing video quality. Dual camera features allows you to use both the cameras simultaneously.

Smart Pause feature will recognise when your eyes moves away from the device and pause video that you might have watching. It resumes video when you start looking at the video. This feature helps in saving battery. Apart from it, Air Gesture feature may make you lazy as you need not to even hold the smart phone in your hands to use it. Just wave hand across the device and it will toggle screen.

With the help of group play, you can share videos, games, documents and music with friends having same smartphone. Talking about battery, the Li-ion 2600mAh power battery lasts longer than its predecessor. Samsung Galaxy S4 specs includes, 1.6 octo-core Exynos processor (in some region it uses 1.9 Ghz quad-core snapdragon processor), 2 GB RAM, Bluetooth 4.0, 3.5 mm jack, NFC support, wifi, hot spot and other common features.

It will come in two colors, black and white and will be available to buy from next month (in some region, other region may expect further delay)

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